Avoiding Concentrations In Business

Date: June 2016, Category: insolvency, Author: admin

You’re a business owner, so concentration ON your business is a key factor.

However, as a business owner, its important not to confuse this with concentrations IN your business!

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First Aid For Your Business

Date: May 2016, Category: insolvency, Author: admin

Have you ever undertaken a first aid course? It’s a selfless act which might save a life. It might not benefit you personally but it may make the difference between life and death to somebody close to you – or even a complete stranger.

If, after completing a first aid course, you happen to come across somebody with a gaping wound, then you’ll know that one of the first things to check is that your patient is breathing. The logic? If you don’t breathe, it won’t take long for your heart to stop pumping oxygen-carrying blood around your body (including to the gaping wound). This is not to say the gaping wound isn’t serious – it could be life-threatening. It’s a matter of priorities. And so it is with a business.
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Budget 2016

Date: March 2016, Category: Uncategorised, Author: Dan Lewis

Yesterday saw the eagerly anticipated Budget announcement.

It is always an announcement that is crucially observed by the business community, as the changes will have a direct impact, positive or negative, on numerous aspects of a business and its operations.

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Cash flow funding solutions

Date: March 2016, Category: business growth, Author: Dan Lewis

Cash flow is critical for any business, and we often hear that ‘Cash is King’. There are lots of reasons for businesses to face cash flow issues, but that is the time when the business can grind to a halt. Even now, surprisingly, I speak with business owners who fail to understand that profit and cash flow are different but this can, and has, produced dire effects whereby businesses can secure a major contract but never get to fulfil it because they run out of cash and are forced out of business!

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Growing your business- Risk vs Reward

Date: March 2016, Category: business growth, Author: Dan Lewis

Growing your business – balancing risk and reward

I often have conversations with business owners about growing their business. They ask my advice as to whether they should go slow and steady by reinvesting profits and borrowing a little when needed, or should they max out their borrowing to expand the business more quickly?

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5 Things Sport Has Taught Me About Teamwork at Work

Date: February 2016, Category: Uncategorised, Author: Dan Lewis

With a long sports coaching career combined with a long business career, I believe there are a number of similarities and crossovers, and that we can learn a lot from sport to help in the business environment

Here are my 5 things sport has taught me about teamwork at work.

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Capital Allowances

Date: February 2016, Category: Accountancy, Author: Dan Lewis

Claim Tax Back from your Commercial Property


  • Do you own a commercial building?
  • Are you a UK taxpayer?


If both of these answers are yes then there’s a good chance you’re due tens of thousands of tax back on your commercial property!

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Car leasing explained

Date: February 2016, Category: car finance, Author: Dan Lewis

Car leasing explained


Is car leasing the right choice for me?

Let’s face it – everyone likes a brand new car!  With vehicle leasing becoming increasing popular for business and personal users – we thought we would give some pointers on the subject.

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Julie Ralph appointed to the Team

Date: February 2016, Category: PR, Author: Dan Lewis

The news of Julie Ralph being appointed to the team here at 360 Funding has once again hit the news!

Following on from the press articles last week, North East Connected have now picked up on the piece.

If you havent yet seen the article, please follow the link below and ‘read all about it’!

Julie Ralph appointed as Head of New Business at 360 Funding


Business Funders in the News

Date: February 2016, Category: PR, Author: Dan Lewis

The growth of the team here at Business Funders has recently been featured in the respected regional business and leisure publication ‘Northern Insight’.
Northern Insight aim to promote business news and advice alongside leisure and the arts, and do so in a professional and interesting manner, and naturally we are delighted to have been featured.

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