All that goes into building a website…

Date: January 2016, Category: Online, Author: admin

So as a business we decided that we needed to expand our market position by introducing a web based offering.

Sounds simple, right?

We’ve all spent many hours on various websites over the years. Some are good, some are bad. So long as we get to the top of the google rankings, we will be fine. And that’s really easy, isn’t it?

After lots of informal coffee break conversations, we finally decide to get started on this project. The web is such an important part of everyone’s world these days, we have to embrace it and start to utilise it to further develop our business.

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5 things your bank manager won’t tell you

Date: January 2016, Category: Banking, Author: admin

It’s a BIG Market!

UK Banks are now in serious competition from a whole host of independent lenders, with stand-alone finance facilities.

YOUR business finance no longer needs to be tied strictly to your bank – a choice which is becoming increasingly popular amongst UK business owners.

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10 reasons to use a commercial finance broker

Date: January 2016, Category: Banking, Author: admin

10 Reasons to use a commercial broker

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