Avoiding Concentrations In Business

Date: June 2016, Category: insolvency, Author: admin

You’re a business owner, so concentration ON your business is a key factor.

However, as a business owner, its important not to confuse this with concentrations IN your business!

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First Aid For Your Business

Date: May 2016, Category: insolvency, Author: admin

Have you ever undertaken a first aid course? It’s a selfless act which might save a life. It might not benefit you personally but it may make the difference between life and death to somebody close to you – or even a complete stranger.

If, after completing a first aid course, you happen to come across somebody with a gaping wound, then you’ll know that one of the first things to check is that your patient is breathing. The logic? If you don’t breathe, it won’t take long for your heart to stop pumping oxygen-carrying blood around your body (including to the gaping wound). This is not to say the gaping wound isn’t serious – it could be life-threatening. It’s a matter of priorities. And so it is with a business.
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