Funding the purchase of equipment or refinancing existing assets can be a difficult and confusing task – even for experienced business owners.

There are many financial products available to businesses, but choosing the right one is crucial and can provide a genuine alternative to traditional bank loans – providing significant cashflow and tax benefits.

Rates can vary depending on the strength of the applicant, the type of asset and the term of the loan. Understanding the asset finance market may help you to make a more informed choice.
We have specialist asset finance brokers in our team to help you through any transaction.

Interest rate and percentage loan to value will also vary significantly, depending on your choice of lender.

Asset Finance made Simple


We provide a comprehensive funding solution for all asset finance needs. From individual vehicle purchase and refinance to fleet, heavy goods and heavy industry – we have access to funding. We also provide funding for purchase or refinance specialist machinery including purpose built equipment. Finance is available in all formats – Hire and Lease Purchase, Leasing, Contract Hire for new and used assets. Our experience in asset funding is second to none, which allows us direct contact with senior decision makers within financial institutions and gives us an in-depth product knowledge.

Reasons for Re-Financing

Debt consolidation – For the repayment of bank overdrafts and loans

Cost saving – Asset financing can result in a reduction of your monthly payments

 Bad debt – Mitigate the effects of bad debt on your business

Business expansion – Finance increases in your workforce, marketing or stock

Finance balloon payments


Commonly accepted assets

There are numerous assets that are commonly accepted for re-financing. They include:

Engineering Machinery
Printing Machinery
Woodworking Machinery
Yellow Plant
Commercial Vehicles
Buses & Coaches

With second to none experience in asset funding, we can reassure and advise at every stage, as well as have direct contact with senior decision makers within financial institutions, giving us that extra level of in-depth knowledge.

Asset finance agreements are complex and may include personal guarantees. If you are in any doubt, it pays to seek independent advice.
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