Invoice finance is an evolving industry with a number of sub categories and requirements, but they all essentially raise working capital effectively.

Examples of invoice finance products



A product that provides funding against your invoices as well as full sales ledger management and credit control.


Invoice Discounting

Typically run on a confidential basis so customers are unaware of the lenders involvement, provides funding against invoices and allows you to keep control of your sales ledger management and credit control.


Single Invoice Finance

Businesses that don't wish to enter into a full invoice finance facility or long term contract. Can be used on an 'as and when basis.'


Trade Finance

Assisting with the purchase of goods by financing payment of the supplier directly in the agreed currency.

At BusinessFunders, we have both the knowledge and expertise of the invoice finance marketplace, as well as a diverse range of senior contacts, to ensure that you will be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

We're happy to assist new businesses across a variety of industry sectors such as recruitment and construction to name but a few, to obtain such facilities or help existing users obtain more flexible funding lines.
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